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It's Me

Wow, the figs are so beautiful, vegetables fresh from the farm, seafood just caught from the sea that early morning... I want to make a fig salad with spicy chocolate dressing and... Hey, chef what's for the menu today? Ring ring ring.... Oh what's that sound?

It's the alarm clock, time to wake up!!!

That’s a dream.  I’ve always had this kind of dreams about food, restaurants, going to the market to look for fresh ingredients, write my own menu and work in the kitchen.  During my childhood years, I loved watching cooking shows on TV, reading food magazines and cookbooks,  accompanying my mother to the market and watching her cook.  I am not sure how and why I developed my interest in cooking, but I suspect it’s innate and I’m just excited to pursue this passion.

When I graduated from university I started my career as a human resources professional, working in a French company – Carrefour Hypermarket. Though it’s not a restaurant, I was happy since I could watch the pastry chef make bread, pastries and cakes.  I didn’t get into a career in the restaurant or food business after I graduated as it’s not easy in Hong Kong if you don’t have such qualifications or training.  However, I never gave up my dream to study cooking and to be a professional chef even after 15 years of corporate work armed with a masters degree in human resources management.  My heart kept pining for cooking and food, and setting up my own restaurant, cafe, private kitchen or even an online food business.

Cooking for my family and friends and traveling are my major hobbies.   I love traveling because it gives me new ideas and inspirations. I thrive in visiting the local markets and groceries stores to check out the local special ingredients. Trying the local restaurants is a priority when I travel.  Among all the countries and food I have sampled, I like French cuisine the best, especially the sauces and the presentation of the plates is a work of art.  My formal training at Ferrandi, Paris inspired me further to pursue and share my passion for cooking using new ingredients and writing my own menu.

In 2014, I made the big leap and left my job in Hong Kong with an international real estate management firm and moved to the Philippines.  It was a difficult decision for me, but the Philippines is a good place for me to start my new journey because of the abundance and variety of food resources and locally grown ingredients.  Fresh seafood, organic and tropical vegetables abound.  I am right at the centre of my passion for creating sumptuous fine food.  So please join me in living this exciting gastronomical dream.  You may follow me here, or on my Facebook and Instagram.

Bon appétit!


I want to do something different from the traditional restaurant menus, something with more character and a better way to enjoy the food, cooking and overall dining culture.  By applying special seasonal and regional ingredients, the style of cooking, inspirations from different countries, as well as themes of the restaurant,  I will change dining experiences and flavours along with the changes in season, weather and local harvests.

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